Monday, August 11, 2008


Putting Up Our Tent
Xander Anxiously awaiting our return (The plank to the campsite)

Willow Springs

A Pretty Waterfall

Joe & I Hiking to Willow Springs


Romney Cousins
Family at Funeral

Well, this last month has been eventful for us. A few weeks ago my grandmother passed away, so I had the opportunity to go to Arizona for her funeral. She was a wonderful lady and I am so grateful to her for being such a wonderful grandmother! I hope to be like her some day.

Last week we went camping with my family near Preston, Idaho called Willow Flat Campground. It was beautiful!! We enjoyed a hike up to some natural springs not too far from our camp site. It was funny, our camp-site was surrounded by creeks; therefore we had to cross a plank to get to the campground. It was quite fun. We finally got to use our new tent which we enjoyed. It was a struggle to get Xander to stay in his little dog den, but he eventually obeyed.

This last weekend we went to Lagoon with my parents. Joe and I really enjoyed the new 'Wicked' ride. I remember when I was younger it was so cool to stay all day into the night and ride every ride at least twice. This time we ended up going home early because it got too windy, but we felt satisfied with what we were able to ride. I guess we are just getting old!!