Wednesday, November 7, 2012

10 Weeks Old

Our little Ellie is 10 weeks old today! How the time has flown by. We have mixed feelings about her growing. She is becoming much more interactive and its fun to see her develop and figure things out. However, I would love to have her stay small for a while longer. These pictures were right at 2 months old. I took her to the doctor and she is doing great! She weighed 11 bls 6 oz. She also had her first shots. I cant believe they give 3 at once; poor thing! She did great, however! Only cried for about 10 seconds. Here is a picture of her at the Dr's office.
I love her rolls!:)
This is my new favorite of Ellie. So sweet.
Ellie at 2 months with her bear. I went back to work last week. It was hard. I felt bad, but Ellie did great! Joe loves having Daddy time with her and takes such great care of her. This is a picture I took when I got home the next morning, just before I took her to my friends, Laura to watch her. It just melted my heart!
It felt like a had never left when I was back at work. I wondered if it was really worth it to go back, but it was mostly hard just that first shift. It's good for me to do something else just for me. I love my co-workers, which makes it easier to be away. I'm grateful to my friend Laura for wanting to watch her those two times a month after I work so that I can get some sleep. We enjoyed dressing Ellie up for Halloween. Her costume was a little big still, but she has to be the sweetest Butterfly! No trick or treating yet, but we took her to Joe's work that has a big parade and she was of course the center of attention there. Maybe I will talk Joe into dressing up next year! I want to think of something that would work for all three of us.
Ellie with her cousnins Molly and Grace We also have been able to get together with both of Ellie's birthparents. We love them so much and have enjoyed spending time with them. We are grateful to maintain an open relationship with them.
Ellie with her birthfather Ben
Ellie with her birthmother McKenzie
Ellie with her birthmother McKenzie and sister Alora Xander has become Ellie's new watch-dog. It took awhile for him to come around, but you can tell he loves her. I was getting ready the other day while Ellie was sleeping. I was listening to some music and Xander came out of his sleeping cave and was looking at me. I went and checked on Ellie and she was fussing. I got her asleep again and then a few min later he looked at me again and I heard Ellie fussing again. What a good helper Xander is! He always wants to make sure he knows where she is. So cute. Here is a pic of her and Xander on Halloween. Its a little blurry of Xander. I couldn't get him to hold still.
Here are some more fun pics of Ellie. I just cant take enough of her cute face!
Double chin
Ellie and Mom
Love this. Wish it wasn't blurry. It's so hard to get a good picture when she is smiling so cute!
Another cute smile
This is one of Joe's favorites. Go Bronco's!
Ellie with Grandma Romney
Ellie with Grandma Fail
Milk Face
I can't see!!!
Such a sweetheart