Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

We enjoyed spending Christmas at Joe's parents house in Green River. It was fun to see his sister's kids open presents and see what Santa brought them! We also enjoyed playing cards, watching movies, shopping, etc . .

A few days later we went to my parents house and exchanged gifts with them, my sisters, brother in law, and grandmother. It is very entertaining each year to watch the dogs open their presents! It is always great to spend the holidays with family.
This last week we have enjoyed spending time with each other and arranging our house. We've discovered that we are not very good at bolting cabinets to the walls. We hung a medicine cabinet in our bathroom which ended up being a lot more difficult than either one of us knew. But it is on the wall and we are crossing our fingers that it doesn't fall!!

We look forward to starting our new jobs next week! It will definetely be different, but I hope a great adventure!!


We did close on that house in Lehi on Dec. 3. We moved everything just after Joe's graduation the second weekend in December. This is basically our first week though we've been able to really stay in it. We've had to travel back and forth from Logan to Lehi. I had to finish my job in Logan. It was very hard to do that. I will miss my friends I have made up there a lot!! I've learned so much there and I know Joe and I will miss Cache Valley a lot! We've basically lived up there our entire marriage to this point.
We are excited to finally have a house!! It amazing though how much stuff you need like ladders, cabinets, phones, desks, doggy doors, etc . . . Here are a few pictures to show. I haven't decorated much yet. My favorite addition is our new table. I love it!! I've included pictures of the outside, kitchen, table, family room, office, master bath.

Joe's Graduation

First off, Joe Graduated with his Masters in Accounting in December. Way to go Joe!! It's such an amazing accomplishment. I am so proud of him. He is anxiously awaiting to start his new job next week. We enjoyed having both of our parents there and Kaleb to help celebrate his accomplishment. I've included some pictures.