Sunday, December 6, 2009


Well, after a lot of looking we finally found some new couches! We have spent so much time getting our yard done, that now we can focus on the inside. We love them! Joe can rock and recline. I told him that I probably will be sleeping a lone from now on. Which happens unless I wake him up and tell him to come to bed. Here is a pic of them.

I hope to get to some more painting of walls soon!

We enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with Joe's family. I know I wasn't too much fun because I just came off working a night shift, but I was glad we could go.

I finally got to putting up the Christmas decorations today. For some reason, I haven't been too excited about it this year. I've decided though that I definetely need to go to the after Christmas sales! Pretty much all of our decorations are stuff our parents gave us. Which is great, but I think its time for some new stuff. Here is a picture of what I got to today.