Friday, December 7, 2012

November Fun

November flew by! We have been getting in the swing of things again. I am working part-time now and love it! Joe is staying busy at C.R. England. Ellie is 14 weeks old now and growing everyday. We enjoyed Thanksgiving with the Romney Family and enjoyed the annual bowling trip that morning.
Ellie posing
Ellie with Aunt Carrie
Ellie and Grandpa Romney
Ellie and cousin Gracie. They are six weeks apart
Ellie and Daddy
Love this little girl! Thanksgiving dinner was delicious as usual. My favorite being the Romney's Crunch Nut Sweet potatoes!! I had to work in the ER that night. Joe braved a movie with Ellie and my parents. Ellie slept through it all as usual:) Joe says it is not worth the stress though. I am guessing Ellie is almost 13lbs or so. She loves eating! She is sleeping through the night about 8-10 hours. We are very excited and lucky about that!! She loves her crib and enjoys looking at her elephant friends. She has discovered her hands and has them in her mouth every chance she gets. She is getting close to rolling over. I am guessing any day now. She has started spitting up and Mom really enjoys that!!:) She just started sitting in her bumpo seat. She loves to see everything and take it all in.
Cute buddies
She was concentrating hard in this picture. We have recently discovered that she loves Christmas songs. She gets so excited when we sing to her. Her favorite song is 'Frosty the Snowman'. She is her Daddy's buddy and loves to watch football games with him. Especially the Denver Broncos.
The cutest gingerbread girl
3 months old
This girl has the cutest wardrobe around
Cuddles with Daddy