Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun with Ellie

It's been 3 weeks since we brought Ellie home and we have enjoyed every moment! She is such a blessing in our lives. She is good natured and so sweet. We love to watch her and snuggle her every chance we get. We feel so overwhelmed with gratitude of all of the love and support we have received from family and friends. It's fun to see how everyone has been just as excited for Ellie as we have been. Here are some pics of the last couple weeks.
Ellie with her cousin Grace. Grace is 6 weeks older than Ellie. Ellie looks so tiny!! My sister Mindy and I are so excited to have them so close.
Ellie and I at our baby shower
Ellie and with my sister Mindy and her two daughter's Molly and Grace
Dad got a welcome home from work gift. Ellie was so excited she peed on him:)
Ellie smiling.
Daddy and Ellie ready for the Bronco's game. Joe has been so excited for this day. He bought Ellie 3 Bronco's one-zies to wear for game days.
All bright-eyed
This is what I get to look at everyday while holding her
One happy Dad!
Ellie with Grandma and Grandpa Romney
Our little Family
She is so tiny in her crib
So cute in her car seat
Ellie all bundled up after her bath I realized there are not much of her and I and of all 3 of us. We clearly need to remedy that!

Melon Days

We took Ellie to her first Melon Days in Green River last weekend. It's a big deal for Joe and his family. We enjoy it each year. It was quite the endeavor to pack everything. It's crazy how one baby can need so much!! It was so nice to be with family and we loved showing Ellie to friends and family. They were so excited to meet her. Joe enjoyed playing in the softball tournament with his brother, cousins, and friends. They actually did pretty well this year. It's a blast to watch them all.
Here is Ellie with a couple of her cousins. They enjoyed holding her.
Swinging with Grandma and Grandpa Fail
Ellie with her cousin Gabbie. Gabbie has really enjoyed Ellie and has turned out to be a great helper and babysitter. Gabbie would take any chance she could to hold Ellie and to feed her. It will be cute to watch them together.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ellie's Nursery

We had awhile to prepare for Ellie's arrival and really enjoyed getting the nursery ready. We thought of doing beadboard on the walls, but decided on a different wainscoting with frames. We loved how it all turned out. If it wasn't so time consuming, I would love to have it in the whole house!
The vinyl on the wall says, "We made a wish and you came true". I fell in love with this saying when I saw it. Ellie is definitely our wish come true.
Joe's mom has a vinyl machine and was able to scan the crib fabric to design the vinyl elephants. This is one of my parts of the nursery.
The changing station.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ellie Ann Fail- Our Miracle

We are so excited to announce the new addition of our sweet Ellie Ann Fail. She was born early Aug 29, 2012. She weighed in at 7 lbs 5 ounces. 18 inches long. This was all made possible through the miracle of adoption. We were lucky to have been chosen from a wonderful birth mother McKenzie and birth father Ben last March. We felt instantly it was a great match and have been so lucky to have such a special relationship with them and their families. McKenzie allowed us to be a part of her pregnancy and attend all of the doctor appointments. A couple days ago, we were able to be in the delivery room when Ellie was born. Joe cut the umbilical cord and put on her first diaper:)
Ellie's first of many diapers
Ellie in her cute bow that the nurses made her
Ellie's first bottle. She caught on so quick! We decided beforehand with McKenzie that we would stay at the hospital most of the time prior to placement with McKenzie and Ellie, which is when McKenzie signed her relinquishment papers. McKenzie and her family were so welcoming and supportive of us. The hospital gave us our own "bonding" room, which made it nice to have our own space as well. We had a lot of time with Ellie as well, which was so fun! Placement day came yesterday morning. Here are a couple of pictures at placement. Lots of happy tears were shed by us all.
Our family with McKenzie. I will cherish this photo forever McKenzie is truly our hero. She was an angel sent to our family. We admire her strength and faith. We saw how much love she has for Ellie and us as well. We are eternally grateful for her. She made our greatest wish come true! We are happy that we have decided to maintain an open relationship with her and the birth father. We think it will be beneficial for us all and especially Ellie. We have developed a wonderful friendship with her. I have to say that we feel so blessed to have this opportunity to parent Ellie. We have been waiting for her for a long time. I don't think it has really set in that she is ours, but we are enjoying every moment with her! We brought her home yesterday and have been so excited to show her off to our families and friends. Here are a few more cute pictures of our sweet little angel.
Ellie and Mom
Ellie's first car ride. She slept through it all.
Melt my heart! I just thought this was so precious of her and Dad.