Thursday, July 15, 2010

Long Time Coming

Well, I have been chastised a few times from some friends about not keeping posts up to date. Here it is early in the morning, which I am never awake, I'm housebound, and I am bored out of mind!! So here is my attempt for the updates.

I think our biggest news as of late is that Xander was diagnosed with Diabetes in March. He was drinking insane amounts of water and then in just a few days he looked just like skin and bones (hair and bones). So, we have been working on maintaining his blood sugars. I wish there were an easy way to do this at home, but I just have to take him to the vet every couple weeks. We give him insulin shots every morning and evening. He really is a good sport about this. The saddest part, is just in the last week he has lost his eye-sight. He really can't see anything. He runs into things and I have to drag him on walks. He's so excited to go, yet it scares him not being able to see whats right in front of him. He's such a sweet dog, despite it all. I hope we can help him and he can adapt quickly.

Enough of the sad stuff! Other news is that my parents have been living with us since the end of May. They sold my childhood home (sniff, sniff) and are waiting for a new one to be finished. I never thought the day would come that this would happen. Maybe that we would have live with them at some point, if we had to, but my parents with us; crazy. It hasn't been too bad. I think we are all ready though for it to be done though. It's nice to have your own space. They are hoping to move in the end of this month. Xander has enjoyed having a couple buddies! I have enjoyed pedicures, lunches, and Parade of Homes with my Mom.

We have done some fun stuff this summer. We went to Joe's Valley, where Joe's family has a cabin. We enjoyed time with family, 4-wheeler riding, skeet shooting, etc. . . Here are some pictures of the reservoir and our walk with Xander. It was beautiful!

We also went to the Stadium of Fire a couple weeks ago with my family for July 4th Celebrations. I loved Carrie Underwood!! She is a great Singer and very entertaining! If anyone every wants to go to one of her concerts, I am always game!

I was also able to go Waterskiing with some work friends last week. I challenged them to teach to me to water ski, because I can never get up. I only tried wake-boarding and I got up once! Only for about 5 seconds, but hey I did it!!

We are looking forward to some trips to New York and a Meditterranean Cruise later this summer!!