Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well, this is our attempt at an updated picture of us. I had to scan it so the quality isn't the greatest. We are not the most photo-genic people; but I think over all it turned out ok.

It has been an interesting and ever changing month. Joe is busy, busy at his new job and right in the middle of "busy season". His last client is filing soon and he worked from 8:30a.m. to about 11pm. Monday through Friday as well as a regular work day on Saturdays. A little tiring. I don't know how he's not burned out yet. This week is a little better since he has changed to a different client.. He has been able to be home in the evenings.
I am more comfortable with my new job. It has been a rough change, but I am starting to get to know everyone and feel a part of the workplace there. I have had to take on a new role once in a while as a "triage" nurse. That has been interesting! Now I see all of the people that come through the ER. I have definetley had to learn more patience!!

We are really enjoying our home. I still haven't decorated much. I can't do it alone because if I'm going to hang things on the wall, I want to make sure its centered. Since Joe is never home, I haven't gotton anywhere. Hopefully it will happen soon!! Xander has loved his new doggy door. Now he can go outside as he pleases and Joe and I don't have to worry about taking him out anymore.

I have discovered a cool new cleaning device. We recently purchased a Dyson vacuum. All I can say is "Wow"!! Not only does it clean the carpets well, but I can reach high things with it and use it on my tile. I never have to sweep again!!