Saturday, October 11, 2008


I'm terrible at this blogging stuff. Sorry, it takes me a month to make new posts. We just don't have very exciting things happenning.

This past month we've done a few fun things and some sad things.

My parents and sister (Carrie) came up to Logan and we went to the USU vs. BYU football game. USU gave a good effort, but not to our suprise BYU came out with the win. I wish I would learn to take more pictures. Sorry. It was fun though to finally make it to Romney Stadium. It's taken me 4 years! Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us.

We also started looking for houses. That was an interesting adventure. There are so many short-sale and foreclosure homes. These of course are the ones that we can afford and they all seem trashed. Hopefully we will find some luck! I have started interviewing for a job once we move. I was offerred a job at LDS hospital in the ER, which is great, but I didn't feel very good about it. I have since interviewed at Timpanogos Hosp in the ER and on Monday I have another interview at Lakeview Hosp in Bountiful. Hopefully I will have some luck and be able to decide what fit is best for me. It's a hard decision for me. I have a hard time with change and the decision Joe says is entirely up to me.

For some sad news Joe's grandmother passed away last week. We went to the funeral this last Monday. We've been both blessed with wonderful grandparents who have left wonderful legacies behind for us to follow. I hope to be like these wonderful women someday. Grandma Enid was a wonderful lady and I am glad she is in a better place and free from her physical ailments. It was great to spend time with Joe's family. They are a hoot! We had fun playing games and spending time with all of them. Here are some pics.