Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Growing Ellie

Ellie is 6 weeks old now! It's crazy how fast the time goes. We enjoy her so much. She is smiling and responding more to us each day. She went through a growth spurt this last 2 weeks. I took her into my work to weigh her last Thursday. She weighed in at 9 lbs 7 oz. I couldn't believe it. When we left the hospital, she was at 7 lbs even. Ellie is such a good baby and very low key. We are still working on limiting her naps during the day and longer sleep periods at night. She seems to be on my same schedule of staying up late and sleeping in:) Too many years of night shifts is still sticking with me. I figure I should just stay on that schedule since I will be going back to work in a couple weeks. Joe continues to work full-time. He enjoys checking on Ellie during her naps at work via our baby monitor camera. He is the best Dad. He is so excited to come home each evening and totally takes over. Here are some recent pics of our sweet girl.
The cutest smile
Ellie and her Bear
She has to have her hands by her face whenever she can
You can see those chubby cheeks!
Showing off the cutest double chin!:)
Ellie and Dad
Ellie and Mom
Ellie in her pretty dress
Cheering for the Bronco's
First outing to church for a family baby blessing
Trying to stay out of the sun
Ellie and Grandpa Romney
Ellie with Great Grandma Spelts (Nanny) and Grandma Romney
Ellie with her cousins Molly and Grace
Joe was so excited to personalize one of Ellie's Bronco's outfits. Thanks to Grandma Fail.