Friday, May 29, 2009

To Sammy

On our way home from Joe's Valley this last Monday, I had a message to call my parents. They told me that my childhood dog Sammy was not doing very well. He was 14 years old and suddenly couldn't walk much. His hind legs gave out and my parents were having to carry him outside frequently so that he could go the bathroom. They told me there probably wasn't much time left. So, Joe and I rushed home and went to see Sammy one last time. Even though he could barely scoot around, he still welcomed me with joy and comforted all of us while we watched him and cried. Shortly thereafter, my parents decided to put him down. It's a dreadful decision. Those of you who are dog lovers, I'm sure you understand how difficult and heart-wrenching this is.

Sammy was a part of our family and was a great buddy to me while growing up. I have so many fond memories of Sam. I will never forget how devoted he was to me after I had knee surgery. He would lay by me each day and somehow was so careful not to jump on me, or hurt me. He always knew when one of us was hurt or sad. This never went away up to the day he died.

Around Christmas time is when Sam's personality would shine. I've enclosed pictures of him jumping out of boxes, opening his own presents, and being the center of attention.

I am so grateful to Heavenly Father that he sends down these special creatures to be a part of our lives. They are so loyal and give you unconditional love.

I love you Sammy!! Your memories will always be a bright high-light in my life.

Fun Weekend

This last weekend we went to Joe's Valley Resevoir where Joe's family have a cabin. We go up there every Memorial Weekend and fix the fence around their property. This year there wasn't a whole lot of fence fixing due to the rainy weather. But we still had fun 4-wheeling and shooting skeet. Here are some pictures.