Monday, December 1, 2008


This last month has been eventful. We have made many trips back and forth to SLC and Logan. We have found a house in Lehi that we like and are hoping to close on it this Thursday! We are crossing our fingers. We just bought a new fridge and table, so hopefully we will have a place to put them in.:) Here's a picture of it:

It is a rambler with 3 bedrooms and an office finished. It has an unfinished basement. We are excited to expand our living space! I will let you know when it is a done deal and will include more pictures in the future. I have accepted a job at Timpanogos Hospital and will officially start in the ER department after the first of the year. Joe is two weeks away from graduating with his Masters!! Yea!!! We are both excited for that phase to be over. However, we have truly enjoyed our time here in Logan. We have both grown so much and are grateful for the many blessings we have received in the past 4 1/2 years. I have some mixed feelings about moving. I love my job here and the friends we have made. I definetely dont like change, but I know that things will work out. I'm trying to have a positive attitude. So, those of you in Salt Lake I would love to catch up with you!!

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. We spent the time with my family. We were able to celebrate my mom's birthday by eating pizza and seeing Twilight!! It was so fun. Joe was skeptical about going and I kept telling him that he would like it. Who was right?? He really enjoyed it. He said, "I think I would like to listen to the books now". :) Joe loves chic flicks!!

On Thanksgiving we kept up the Romney tradition and went bowling in the morning. Despite a rocky start and dismay from Joe, I ended up bowling a 165 and then a 183. I have never bowled so well!! It must be all that practice on wii bowling paying off. Joe was hoping to finally beat me. No such luck!! Hee hee. I will say though, that over the past 4 years he has improved dramatically!! We are so grateful for our families and the time we are able to spend with them. Its amazing how the Lord blesses us all. I look forward to the future and what is in store for us.

Not to forget, we also enjoyed spending a few days with Joe's sister Becca and her family in Delta and also to have Joe's parents and Kaleb visit us in Logan.