Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Another month has gone by and not much has changed. We finally got to decorating our house. Thanks to mine and Joe's parents for helping us hang up the heavy stuff. I've included a picture of our painting job and my new mirror! I think it all looks great. It's amazing what a little paint can do. I think Joe and I did pretty well on our own.

I enjoyed meeting some friends from Logan yesterday for lunch. I miss them so much!
I am enjoying my job more. It's just never easy to change no matter how hard you try! Everyone is really nice though and I've enjoyed getting to know them. As long as I don't have to triage much, I'm happy.

The other week I came home to a surprise. Joe bought a new 46 in. tv. We have been talking about it for awhile, but I never thought he would do it. Joe has a hard time with big purchases. Which is a good trait. :) It is fun to have it though!
Here's a cute picture of Xander! He's fun to have around. He is definetely my little shadow.